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The Rondo Production has really done a great job in pushing the music education in Malaysia, especially on the social media. The connection in Asia Region is getting stronger and it provides more options for the Malaysians to seek out. It is a wonderful platform and resources for the passionate music lovers in Malaysia! And very educational!

Scarlet Gouk

Fairview International School, Malaysia

I loved sharing about my path as a saxophonist and passing on advice for aspiring young musicians who would like to pursue music! I liked that the series encouraged the viewers exposure to all sorts of different kinds of classical music. Everyone should follow The Rondo Production because of the great work they are doing for the community, it is all in bite-sized consumable pieces. Thank you once again!in Malaysia! And very educational!

Michellina Chan

KOU Ensemble, Singapore

Jason Lai

The Rondo Production is one such platform that seeks to expand the classical music universe and in that way you’re doing vital and important work. Interviews that shed light on topics will always be important and useful. Being inspired by others helps us on our own pathway through life and if I can inspire even one person then that fills me with great joy! Because simply that Rondo is leading the way in spreading knowledge and insight in Malaysia and beyond. Keep up the great work!


YST Conservatory of Music, Singapore

I had a magical time chatting with Kenny on one of their Chit-Chat Sessions during the pandemic. His determination to expand musical knowledge to school band students is admirable. The Rondo Production is a great platform for the local community – whether you’re an artist or an amateur, to expand musical insights and explore new things. Kenny is
super down to earth and I adore his passion in what he’s doing. It’s my pleasure to get to know him as a musician.

Maxy Chan

Pianist, Malaysia

I really had a great experience, Thank you for providing a platform for the musicians globally. The team was so professional and organized.  I also commend how they were able to get such an amazing mentors. I was mentored by Mr. Hoang Van Hoc from Singapore, and he really helped me on developing my horn playing. He was able to point out my things to improve in playing and he explained the process very clear. All in all, I enjoyed RondoFest!

Eunice Tejedor

French Horn Student, Philippines

During the individual lesson at the RondoFest 2021, I learned a lot of things from the Euphonium faculty, Mark Glover. Thanks to The Rondo Production for giving me the chance to learn from one of the best euphonium players in the world! Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful & meaningful event!

Tan Juen Loon

Euphonium Student, Malaysia

The Rondo Production is filling an important gap in the local music industry through music education efforts that are well-thought out and strategic, that are both reflective of international trends and responsive to local needs. As a local music therapist educator who has been working hard to build many things from scratch, it has deeply encouraged me to discover a genuine ally and effective advocate in Rondo. It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with Rondo.

Dr. Indra Selvarajah

World Federation of Music Therapy

Joseph Bowman

The great work of The Rondo Production in promoting quality music education programs in Malaysia is inspiring. I have watched as, during the COVID pandemic, Rondo has created useful and interesting content covering playing and teaching, history, and literature all while utilizing fantastic Southeast Asian regional music artists. Competition is healthy for growth, and Rondo is a strong entry into the music education market in Malaysia. I believe this will serve to advance the development of music education for the country.


College of Music, Mahidol University