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RondoFest 2023

Frequently Asked Questions


The faculty for my instrument has not yet been announced. When will it be confirmed?
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. It was due to a number of formalities. Please be assured that we will keep you updated as soon as possible, ideally before 24 January 2023.
When is the registration deadline?
You are strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible because the fees increase according to the registration period. The registration period for active participants closes on April 7, 2023. Programs requiring auditions have a separate deadline.
Is the registration fee inclusive of meals, accommodation, and transportation?
It does not include meals, accommodation, or transportation. However, if you need assistance finding roommates, please email us at admin@therondoproduction.com.my.
Are there any special discounts for groups of students?
For groups of 15 or more people who wish to register for the festival, regardless of programme and category, please contact us at admin@therondoproduction.com.my.
Can I get financial assistance for the festival?
What is the official language of the festival?
English is the official language of the conference.
Am I allowed to take care of my kid if he/she is under 18 years old and wants to participate in the festival?
The festival welcomes parents and guardians, and a separate registration fee applies. Send us an email at admin@therondoproduction.com.my.
Does the festival provide insurance?
Everyone involved in the festival, including artists, faculty, and management, is covered by insurance.

Instrumental Programme

Are big instruments provided during the festival?
Active participants are generally required to bring their own instruments. The festival will provide only double basses, percussion instruments, and music stands.
Are auditions mandatory for all active participants?
The festival is open to everyone without the need for auditions. However, if you want to perform with the festival orchestra, you need to submit an audition tape according to the audition guidelines. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new!
Is it possible to perform at the Closing Gala without auditioning?
Unfortunately, no, since we must uphold the festival's artistic values. We encourage you to take this audition as a learning opportunity, and assure you it is a worthwhile experience.
What should I prepare for the individual lesson?
We encourage you to prepare your preferred materials (study, etude, concerto) for the individual lesson. If you require any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@therondoproduction.com.my.
Can I perform at the masterclasses?
There are only a few participants who can perform at the masterclasses. We will provide more information as soon as possible. In the masterclasses, everyone is welcome to observe and ask questions.
What should I do if I have schedule conflicts (school/study/work) with the festival schedule?
Detailed schedules will be released closer to the festival. In the meantime, please send an email to admin@therondoproduction.com.my regarding your conflict.
Can I apply for both instrumental and conducting programmes as an active participant?
It is not recommended to do so, as both programmes will be undergoing concurrent activities.

Conducting Programme

For lessons and studio classes, what is the study repertoire?
The study repertoire will be provided upon confirmation of active participants.
Is a podium time guaranteed at the Closing Gala Concert?
All conducting participants will have the opportunity to conduct the festival orchestra at the Closing Gala Concert. However, this is subject to faculty discretion based on each participant's development.
If I am not selected as an active participant, can I still attend?
Yes, It is always welcome for you to attend the festival as an observer.
Do the lessons and studio classes have pianists?
Pianists are only available for studio classes to perform orchestral reductions for the study repertoire, but not for individual lessons.
What should I do during rehearsals?
You are allowed to observe all rehearsals leading up to the Closing Gala Concert. A chance to assist and conduct the festival orchestra will be granted to only active participants at the discretion of the artist faculty.
Do I pay the registration fee upfront or after I am accepted?
The registration fee will only be collected after the audition. Your registration fees will be charged according to the period in which you submitted your audition materials.


When I should arrive in Penang?
It is recommended that you arrive before 29 May 2023. The rest of the arrangements are up to you after the festival has ended.
How can you ensure a safe and sound festival environment?
We work with a variety of partners to ensure a clean and hygienic environment. Also, we will make necessary announcements in compliance with the National Security Council.
I have not received any confirmation emails. What should I do?
To begin with, please check your spam/junk mail box. In addition, please add our email address - admin@therondoproduction.com.my - to your inbox. Last but not least, you can message us directly on Facebook or Instagram.
What can I do when I have no agenda on my schedule?
Please feel free to visit other places in Penang. You can also hang out in the foyer with your friends. Our friendly management team is also available to chat with!
If I cancel my registration, can I get a refund?
Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Email admin@therondoproduction.com.my if you have any questions.
What should I do if I still have more questions?
Send us a direct message via our social media channels or email admin@therondoproduction.com.my.

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