Before & During Registration

Given the current travel restrictions, our international faculty will remain at their homes and conduct lessons through online platforms. At the same time, we also offer a substantial amount of in-person activities (with SOPs), such as workshops, rehearsals and concerts.

Yes, this is why we roll out the instalment plan. In addition, registering early could save you a lot too!

Yes, you can join our masterclasses, workshops and concerts. We welcome students across different instruments and areas.

We understand about this issue and have prepared several solutions for you. We can connect you with sellers of used instruments for rental and/or purchase. Please contact us directly at

No, we do not impose any restrictions on the group formation. It can be from any circle of your friends and family. Do note that you are not representing any groups/organizations at the festival.

This is a great question! We are doing our best to deliver the festival during this difficult time, and to keep you and your friends inspired and engaged. While we cannot present our international faculty in-person, we will bring you the fullest experience to the best of our abilities, and invite local presenters for the workshops. Most importantly, we will present the finale concert as a real-time experience.

We are sorry that you have missed it, but we have been sharing the news on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for one-off promo codes. Please be reminded that positions offered are limited.

If you are based in Penang and are allowed to play your instrument freely at home, it is your choice. The primary reason for offering virtual individual lessons is to solve potential issues of playing your instrument at home, such as unstable internet connection. Nonetheless, your physical presence is required for the rest of the activities.

Accommodation, Food & Beverages

Yes, we have an official hotel which offers complimentary rates for our participants. Check it out here.

We still in the midst of confirming the possibilities. Leave us a note here, so that we can notify you once we are ready.

No, it does not. However, restaurants and groceries stores are within walking distance at the festival venue.

Audition Matters

Yes, definitely. We encourage everyone to apply for an audition and we have arranged several audition preparation workshops for those who are interested. Step outside your comfort zone!

To comply with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), there is a maximum number of performers allowed on stage. Hence, we are also taking this opportunity to introduce the concept of audition to Malaysians.

Yes, but we encourage you to take this audition as a learning opportunity and we ensure you that the process is worthwhile for your entire journey!

Yes, every audition applicant will receive written feedback from the panel.

Unfortunately not. Please give your best and enjoy the audition process!

Safety & Health Concerns

During the festival, we work closely with our venue partner, where we will be conducting frequent temperature checks, sanitisations and checks on the spaces. Prior to the festival, our artists, management and volunteers are required to submit a 14-day temperature declaration. Respective individuals will undergo the COVID-19 tests if necessary.

Thanks for flagging that. We have our contingency plan ready to be launched when necessary, including adaptations and refunds.

We will follow up the health conditions of all participants and staff before and during the festival. If you fall sick before or during the festival, please stay at home and contact us immediately for further arrangements.

Yes, you may do so. However, it will be stored at your own risk: we are not responsible for any loss or damage caused.

Payment Matters

You will be given 2 reminders after the registration period. After that, your position will be released to other participants. We encourage you to plan your savings wisely.

First, please check your spam/junk box. Second, please add our email – to your inbox. Finally, please message us directly on our Facebook or Instagram account.

We would need to understand the reason for your request and consider your request on a case-by-case basis.

During The Festival

Yes, given that you have obtained the agreement from your friend and the faculty.

Yes, you may do so after obtaining permission from our team, so that we can coordinate our schedule accordingly.

To comply with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we will assign participants to designated sessions. More details will be shared closer to the festival.

Feel free to visit the instrument and information booths at the foyer. You are entitled to a complimentary discount when you present your participant pass. OR
Feel free to hang out with your friends at the foyer. You can also chat with our friendly management team too!

Participant pass is essential for verification and identification purposes. It grants you access to the entire festival and many other complimentary benefits. If you have lost the pass, please contact the management team immediately. Kindly note that a replacement fee might be charged.