POULENC Sonata for Trumpet, Horn & Trombone



Francis Poulenc (January 1899 – January 1963)

Composed In



9 minutes


Brass Trio (French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone)


Poulenc’s Sonata for Trumpet, Horn and Trombone is his second extant work of chamber music after the Sonata for two clarinets. This sonata resembles the fair music and conforms to the spirit of Les Six.


About the Composition

Allegro Moderato

The first movement is a series of dance episodes. It is a joyful melody that resembles a children’s tune.


The second movement is a lullaby with a slower and vaguely melancholic air. It is a derivative of the first movement’s motifs.


The finale movement is a rondo with light-hearted dance music. It returns to the joyousness of the first movement but now, it is clouded with minor mode inflections.

Francis Poulenc

Fun Facts about the Composer

  • His mother was a pianist.
  • Instead of attending a music education institution, he took private lessons in piano and composition.
  • He met the famous composer Darius Milla by accident at a young age. He asked for an autograph but was refused. A few years later, they became good friends.
  • Since childhood, he felt special feelings towards Mozart’s music. He had preserved the impression for life.
  • He received his first musical instrument, a small toy piano, at two years old.

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