ELGAR A Christmas Greeting



Edward Elgar (June 1857 - Feb 1934)

Composed In



6 minutes


2 sopranos, male chorus ad lib, 2 violins and piano


On 8 December 1907 in Rome, Elgar revived the two violins and piano accompaniment and set the music to a poem written by his wife Alice. The piece was sent back to the UK to be performed by Dr G. R. Sinclair and the choristers of Hereford Cathedral on New Year's Day 1908. The piece is written for high voices, with optional tenor and bass parts in G minor and G major.


About the Composition

Written as a greeting in one of Elgar’s happiest moods, the rhythm throughout being exquisitely tuneful. In this selection, only a portion of the male voices were called upon, but there was the requisite strength. The work was magnificently rendered, the voices and the accompaniment throughout being most effective.The appearance of pipers in the middle of the piece reminds us of Handel’s Pastoral Symphony in six-eight time. 

Edward Elgar

Fun Facts about the Composer

  • Elgar was an enthusiastic cyclist. He named his Royal Sunbeam bicycle “Mr. Phoebus”.
  • His father, an accomplished violinist and organist, was also a piano tuner and the owner of a music shop.
  • His wife, Alice, was disinherited for marrying him.
  • More than 60 roads in the United Kingdom are named in honour of Elgar.
  • Loved the countryside and had lived in more than 25 houses or apartments during his lifetime.

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