In-house production

We initiate and organise our own projects – workshops, concerts, festivals, etc. – in collaboration with various organisations and individuals that share similar mission as us.

Project management

We offer a one-stop centre approach to your concert event, from planning to execution – including staging, recording and post-production.

Artist management

We provide one-on-one personalised and tailored management service to our artists – including but not limited to tours, masterclasses and concerts across Southeast Asia.


We work in creative partnerships with arts organisations to design and manage special projects, and provide curatorial, business, marketing and strategic advice to events and organisations.

Graphic design​

We cater to the development of creative designs and relative artworks – covering printed materials, online publication and social media.

Musical instruments​

We provide the finest quality musical instruments, accessories, and the maintenance and repair of instruments from renowned brands tailored to your needs.

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