Our Identity

We are a registered social enterprise that focuses on bringing high-quality music education programmes and initiatives, while improving inclusivity and diversity among the community in Malaysia.

Our Name

As our name suggests, Rondo is a musical form where the principal theme alternates with one or more ‘episodes’ and then, keep coming back. Like a Rondo, we hope to improve Malaysia’s music education scene as our ‘theme’ and through various music appreciation programmes as our ‘episodes’.

Our Vision

To develop Malaysia into a country which provides top-notch music education and performance.

Our Mission

To promote inclusivity and diversity in music education by inspiring and engaging the community through musical excellence.

Improve the accessibility of education and resources to the local community 


Provide platforms for learning and performing to the musicians​


Connect various stakeholders across the industry


Enhance the sustainability and quality of music education and performance ​


Encourage the exchange and sharing of music ideas beyond  the border

Our Team

Founder & Director

Kenny Ooi

Founder & Director

Norman Cheen

Assistant Director

Soo Yi Yun

Marketing Executive

Foo Donjie

Administrative Executive

Our Beginning

We started in 2019, with the inaugural Penang International Brass Festival. 

Our History

Since then, we have reached several milestones. 

Our Impact in Numbers


Collaborative Artists


Educational Videos


Live & Digital Events