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At its best, music is inspirational and life-affirming. And if that strikes a chord, we at the Yong Siew Toh (YST) Conservatory of Music are on the same note. Our Bachelor of Music (BMus) programme nurtures your talent in instrumental performance, Voice, Composition and Audio Arts & Sciences. Further, our majors in Music & Society and Music, Collaboration & Production offer ever-more ways for you to shape your artistic journey. Outside of class, we give you the opportunity to hear from and be heard by the best – beginning with our vibrant performance calendar. Chart your own course with overseas exchange programmes and professional development funding. All BMus students receive generous financial support (made possible by the Yong Loo Lin Trust and other donors), so the costs are covered. Here, your artistic identity finds expression and resonance. So tune in – we’ve got you.

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Mus:Ed Weekend 2021 is proudly sponsored by ABRSM and organised by The Rondo Production.

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Join us for the one and only music education fair in Southeast Asia! And, consider making a small amount of donation towards our fundraising campaign for the Performing Arts Centre of Penang.