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Meet the Stars: Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

3 April, 8.30pm MYT with Miroslav Petkov (Trumpet)
10 April, 8.30pm MYT with Martin Schippers (Trombone)
24 April, 7.30pm MYT with Perry Hoogendijk (Euphonium & Tuba)
24 April, 8.30pm MYT with Katy Woolley (French Horn)

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In line with our mission to inspire and engage our community through musical excellence, we invite renowned musicians and groups across the world to share their insights and ideas with the community. Through this series, we hope that our students in Southeast Asia will be inspired and motivated through words of encouragement as well as practice suggestions from the artists.

In April 2021, members from the Brass of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will provide performance feedback to selected advanced-level students. Musicians of all levels and classical music fans alike may observe the online masterclass over Zoom video conferencing. These observers may also submit questions ahead of time for the panelists to address in the live sessions.

To find out more about the group, please visit


Miroslav Petkov

3 Apr
Miroslav Petkov

Martin Schippers

10 Apr
Martin Schippers

Perry Hoogendijk

17 Apr
Perry Hoogendijk
Euphonium & Tuba

Katy Woolley

24 Apr
Katy Wolley
French Horn