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Malaysian Wind Music Prize 2021

Submissions due 30 June 2021. Detailed information here:



The 7th edition of the Malaysian Wind Music Prize is here! Audition for an opportunity to grow as a wind player and musician, developing the necessary skills to succeed in the Malaysian classical music scene. As with 2019, the prize will be open to ensembles.

The aim of this prize is:

  • To promote the tradition of concert recitals in Malaysia.
  • To equip young professional Malaysian musicians with skills necessary for an enhanced and diverse career.
  • To encourage the culture of playing wind instruments and inspire future musicians in Malaysia.
  • To educate young aspiring musicians on the demands of Malaysia’s challenging music scene.
  • To create opportunities in expanding international contacts and developing careers.

A grant of RM10,000 will go into the support and preparation of the winner’s commitments.

* Funding amount subject to change. Terms and conditions apply.