Chit-Chat with Jasmine Choi

One of the most internationally-renowned flute soloists, Ms. Jasmine Choi, is going to be tuning in with us on June 1 at 8.30pm Malaysia time. You certainly can’t miss this rare opportunity where your questions will be answered by this superstar. Share this news with your friends and tune in tomorrow. Let’s listen to Jasmine on how she stays inspired and motivated at all times!

Date: 1 June 2020
Time: 8.30PM
Venue: Instagram Live ( click here )


Jasmine Choi, international flute soloist [ biography ]

Event Details

Start date: June 01, 2020

End date: June 01, 2020

Start time: 08:30 p.m. UTC+08

End time: 10:00 p.m. UTC+08

Venue: Instagram Live