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Learning Resources

Creating music education resources to accompany our productions to assist teachers, students, and parents in appreciating and enjoying the beauty of music is our way of contributing positive change to our community.

Instrument Tutorials

In these tutorial videos, you will find lessons for beginners, as well as more advanced topics for seasoned musicians, that illustrate techniques and strategies needed to become a successful musician.
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Art of Phrasing

This series features renowned educators in the Southeast Asia region to demonstrate the fundamentals of phrasing in the form of a number of common band and orchestral excerpts. 
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Panel Discussions

It features regional music practitioners to discuss music from different perspectives. Among the topics discussed are the strategies associated with teaching music online, the role that music plays in the community, and how music affects society and well-being.
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For music lovers, industry professionals, and aspiring performers alike, concert recordings are an invaluable resource. Using modern recording technologies, performance recordings capture vibrant performances, making them indispensable assets for listeners.
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