Education Resources

We contribute positive change in our community through physical and virtual approaches. We produce and create education resources to accompany our productions, to assist teachers, students and parents to better appreciate and enjoy the beauty of music.

Instrument tutorials

A total number of 39 tutorial videos were released and recorded by renowned educators in the Southeast Asia. These videos focuses in mastering and improving different techniques on strings, woodwinds and brass instruments. 

Art of Phrasing

A series of 14 videos to lead you through the essential elements in the art of phrasing. Several common band and orchestral excerpts will be used to demonstrate these ideas. 

Panel Discussions

This series features regional music practitioners,
including conductors, producers, lecturers and more,
to discuss music from various angles. Discussion
topics include but are not limited to the challenges
and strategies in teaching music online, the role of
music in the community, as well as impacts of
music on society, health and well-being.

Rondo Explore

This series aims to provide brief musical knowledge in compositions from the chamber, orchestra, ballet and opera repertoire. We have reduced most of the professional jargons in bite-sized contents.