4 DECEMBER | 5:30PM-10:00PM MYT | ZOOM

A celebration of musical artistry and innovation that all oboe players and music lovers are invited to join.

Grab the ticket at MYR 90 only for the access to all activities now!

Get ready to be inspired.

Oboe Day 2022 is geared toward oboe students and enthusiasts. Oboe players of all standards are invited to take part in an inspiring and fun day of masterclass and workshop under the expert guidance of one of the world’s greatest oboists, Diana Doherty and reed maker, Yong How Keen. The virtual event includes a masterclass and a reed-making workshop.


MYR 90 per person, inclusive access to masterclass (observer) and workshop.

Meet the Star masterclass: Diana Doherty

4 DEC, 5:30 - 7:30PM GMT+8

Meet The Stars is an exclusive digital masterclass series featuring world-class artists across the globe. Each session focuses on one specific instrument, in which selected advanced-level music students are given performance feedback and guidance. Musicians of all levels and classical music fans alike observe live interactions between the artists and participants on Zoom video conferencing.

In this public masterclass, you are invited to witness a true master at work as Diana Doherty shares her musical knowledge and unique style with our talented participants across the world.

Levels of Participation

Everyone is welcome to observe the session and participate in the Q&A session at the end.

If you would like to be considered to perform in the masterclass (active participant), please click here to indicate your interest before 14 Oct 2022. Limited spaces available and an additional MYR 100 is required.

Reed-Making Workshop: Yong How Keen

4 DEC, 8:30 - 10PM GMT+8

Would you like to learn how to take care of your own oboe reeds? Or would you like to become more consistent with your current reed making? Attendees learn how to make oboe reeds, all while having a great time!

This workshop focuses on the care and adjustment of oboe reeds. This is the most complex part of reed-making and it is a good opportunity to be immersed in this skill set.

Levels of Participation

Everyone is welcome to attend, interact and engage with hands-on tutorials in the session.

Learn from the Best!

Ms. Diana Doherty

Principal Oboe, Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Mr. Yong How Keen

Founder, Kojereeds Enterprise

Level up your oboe playing!

Explore the fun of oboe playing and reed making, and conquer all those difficulies together!



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