Yong How Keen

Collaborative Artist

Yong How Keen


Kojereeds Enterprise

Featured in:

Oboe Day


Yong How Keen, the founder of Kojereeds Enterprise, holds a full-time position in Orchestra Radio Television Malaysia(Orkestra RTM) as the oboe principal. His journey in oboe playing began with Joost Christian Flach, where he also learnt the Dutch style of reed making. He then went under the tutelage of Joost Flach; subsequently under Simon Emes, Melanie Harel, Maurice Bourgue, Kexun Ge, Elaine Douvas and Niels Dittmann in various master classes, as well as oboe and reed-making lessons.

Kojereeds has been an active participant and exhibitor in double reeds conferences namely International Double Reeds Conference, Australia Double Reeds Conference, Asia Double Reeds Conference and Singapore Double Reeds Conference.

The use of a transparent monofilament line bespeaks the craftsmanship of Kojereeds, which is well-accepted and acclaimed by professionals and students alike from Europe and Asia.


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