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Wong Xue Fen

Programmes involved:

Woodwind Tapestry


A Malaysian-born flautist with a passion for both modern and baroque music, Wong Xue Fen’s journey began in Kuala Lumpur under the tutelage of Ho Chee Kiang. She later studied with Foo Chie Haur and Hristo Dobrinov, which led to the incredible opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies with James Kortum at the renowned Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where she completed her Master’s degree with distinction. Prior to this, Xue Fen was awarded a full scholarship to study at Tunghai University in Taiwan, where she completed her undergraduate studies with First Class Honours under the tutelage of Mark Dannenbring.

Xue Fen attended masterclasses with Sonia Croucher, Karen Jones, Karen Jones, Ignacio De Nicolas, Andrew Nicholson and Dakota Martin. Driven by her passion for the baroque flute, she had the opportunity to learn from and play in masterclasses with renowned musicians such as such as Melissa Farrow, Ashley Solomon, Neil McLaren and Megan Lang.

Xue Fen has become a highly regarded performer in Malaysia, where she has performed with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, the Malaysian National Symphony Orchestra, the Selangor Symphony Orchestra, BACHfest Malaysia, the KLPAC Symphonic Malaysia, KLPAC Symphonic Band, Flutescents and Zephyr Flute Ensemble.

Xue Fen has built a strong reputation for herself, as evidenced by the numerous awards and accolades she has won in various competitions such as the Thailand Flute Festival Competition, the Malaysia International Virtual Band Competition, the Malaysian Wind Music Prize and the National Student Competition of Music. Her talent and perseverance have not gone unrecognised, as she was selected as a member of the Silparkorn Summer Music Ensemble and Music Courses during SEAMEX 2018. During her time in Australia, Xue Fen was also selected to participate in the 2018 Leone Buyse Residential Course, presented by The
Complete Flute in Melbourne.

Xue Fen’s passion for music remains constant and she now works as a flute teacher, freelance musician and has also become known for her active promotion of classical music. Her dedication, drive and talent are an inspiration to all who are privileged to experience her incredible work.


Cheryl Lim

Cheryl Lim

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore
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