Raaf Hekkema

Collaborative Artist

Raaf Hekkema


Calefax Ensemble

Featured in:

Meet the Stars: Calefax Ensemble


Raaf Hekkema (1968) arranges around half the Calefax repertoire. He also performs as a soloist and is a teacher at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Raaf devotes his energy towards developing the repertoire for saxophone, sometimes leading to seemingly insurmountable projects such as his arrangement and CD recording of the 24 caprices for solo violin by Paganini, for which he was crowned  ‘Instrumentalist of the Year’ in 2007 by the German ECHO Klassik. He has also been awarded a number of other prizes and has been a member of the Dutch Akademie van Kunsten (KNAW) since 2020. Own site: www.raafhekkema.com.


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