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Marleen Wester

Dudok Quartet
Programmes involved:

RondoFest 2022


If I was told correctly, I was fascinated by the violin since I was three years old. The idea of sound, produced by something as simple as a bow crossing a string, could reach into your heart was something that fascinated me from that moment on. I never imagined playing in a string quartet as extensively as we do now when I studied the violin in Amsterdam, with Lex Korff de Gidts and Peter Brunt. The conservatory seemed more like a playground to me, in which I wanted to try out all the rides. During my studies I played baroque violin and viola d’amore, but also a lot of contemporary music, which became a real specialization. I always like to be at home in many fields, which also led to me playing music theater performances for children.
Playing chamber music was always a dream, but finding a group which works together greatly is a big difficulty. Telling a story and transmitting a feeling to the audience are things that have always been of great importance to me, whatever formation I played and whatever curious music was on the stand. I take great pleasure in doing so trough the string quartet now, having all of this great and diverse repertoire at our disposal.Since November of 2017, I have been performing on a violin built by Vicenzo Panormo in 1810, kindly loaned to me by the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation (NMF)


Sara Maria Gonzales

Sara Maria Gonzales

Manila Symphony Orchestra
Bas Treub

Bas Treub

Netherlands Chamber Orchestra
Igor Yuzefovich

Igor Yuzefovich

BBC Symphony Orchestra
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