Jascha Nemtsov

Collaborative Artist

Jascha Nemtsov

Professor for History of Jewish Music

University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar, Germany

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The pianist and musicologist Jascha Nemtsov was born in the Siberian town of Magadan in 1963 and graduated from the St Petersburg State Conservatory. He has lived in Germany since 1992. Since 2013 he has a tenure full position as Professor for History of Jewish Music at the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar. Additionally he is Academic Director of the Cantorial School of the Abraham Geiger College at the Potsdam University. He gives concerts worldwide as a soloist and with chamber music partners including David Geringas, Tabea Zimmermann, or Kolja Blacher. Nemtsov has so far made nearly 40 CDs that include numerous world premiere recordings of works by Jewish composers. In 2007 he received the German Record Critics’ Prize. In 2018, he was honoured with the most prestigious German classical music award, the OPUS KLASSIK Award, for his five CDs anthology with piano music by the Russian composer Vsevolod Zaderatsky who was persecuted during the Stalin era (HC17035). Tehila Nini Goldstein and Jascha Nemtsov have been working together for more than ten years. Their first joint project was the rediscovery of the outstanding German-Jewish composer Jakob Schönberg with the double CD Another Schönberg (PH12023). Among other things, the two musicians share a common interest in 20th-century Jewish music. They performed several concert programs with works by Jewish composers such as Mieczyslaw Weinberg, Moshe Milner, or Joseph Achron. Since 2010, their concerts have included songs from Alberto Hemsi’s cycle Coplas sefardies.


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