Goh Shian Li

Collaborative Artist

Goh Shian Li


Sage Chiropractic and Alexander Technique Centre

Featured in:

RondoFest 2022


A graduate of RMIT Australia with a Bachelor’s and Masters of Clinical Chiropractic, Goh Shian Li, founder of Sage Chiropractic & Alexander Technique Centre, is also a certified Alexander Technique practitioner, having graduated from the School of FM Alexander Studies Melbourne. After graduating, she worked in Australia as a chiropractor and went on to obtain a certificate in Applied Kinesiology. She aims to bring back her knowledge and experience to her hometown – Penang. Sage is also a member of Penang Medical Tourism (PMED). Over the past few years, she has offered workshops and talks on the Alexander technique for voice and performance, posture awareness, pain management, and stress management on various platforms, including Penang Philharmonic Orchestra, Meli Malavasi, Dell Penang, Doterra, etc.

Her vocal teacher introduced her to the Alexander Technique, which sparked her interest. Following a one-week intensive training, she decided to pursue the three-year Alexander Technique teacher training program. As a classically trained vocalist and a participant in various singing competitions, she’s explored the use of the voice throughout her training. Her goal is to help singers and musicians maximize their performance potential, so they can move with ease, resulting in a long career.



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