Collaborative Artist

David Faber


Dudok Quartet

Featured in:

RondoFest 2022


I received my first cello lessons when I was five years old. My true love of music really started flourishing when I began to play in large orchestras at age twelve. Playing the vivacious late-romantic and twentieth-century repertoire, giving many special concerts and meeting new people on tours made it more and more clear to me that I wanted to become a cellist. The final decision to fully devote myself to music was made because of my experiences with the Ricciotti Ensemble.

I had some catching up to do, because I spent my first years after high school studying law. I mastered the art of playing the cello during six years of study with Floris Mijnders in The Hague and with Dmitri Ferschtman in Amsterdam. After that I was free to fully commit my newly acquired capabilities to the string quartet.

The string quartet keeps pushing your limits as a musician. Being surrounded by three very talented and inspiring fellow musicians, it never occurs to you to not fully engage while playing. Besides that, the full potential of the cello is used in a string quartet. From thorough basses, heavy enough to carry the other three, via close-harmony until a solo played on great heights, the string quartet has brought me all and will continue to do so. Since October of 2017, I have been performing on an instrument built by Jean Baptiste Vuillaume in Parijs around 1850, on generous loan by the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation (NMF).


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