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About Us

Established in 2019, The Rondo Production is one of the leading social enterprises and music organisations in Malaysia, dedicated to inspiring and engaging the community through high-quality music education programmes and initiatives. The Rondo Production believes in creating more opportunities for artistic collaboration, as well as promoting inclusivity and diversity in music education.

A reputation for excellence and innovation, The Rondo Production is dedicated to building community and spreading music education across Penang, Malaysia, and beyond.

The Rondo Production has collaborated with exceptional artists and groups from across the globe including German-French violinist Michael Barenboim, Taiwanese-American violinist Richard Lin, French clarinettist Nicolas Baldeyrou, Korean flautist Jasmine Choi, Royal Concertgebouw Brass and Calefax Reed Quintet.

people impacted
artists collaborated
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As an active ambassador for the arts and cultural education, The Rondo Production campaigns for the rights of all people to gain access to music education. Presenting carefully curated learning programmes, accessible concerts and community events, The Rondo Production provides opportunities for music lovers to be involved with the productions, no matter their age, background or location.
To be a leading music organisation in Asia, connecting cultures and inspiring creativity.
To champion the creation and development of opportunities that will foster community engagement in collaborative music-making.
Improve the accessibility of education and resources to the local community
Provide platforms for learning and performing to the musicians
Connect various stakeholders across the industry
Enhance the sustainability and quality of music education and performance
Encourage the exchange and sharing of music ideas beyond the border


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